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Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

In an article asking the experts which funds would best complement the top performing Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, the CH Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund was recommended.

FundCalibre head of investment trust research, Tony Yousefian, said for the more cautious investor “We would look to pair Scottish Mortgage with the open-ended absolute return fund SVS Church House Tenax Absolute Return.

Since its launch in 2007, the five FE Crown-rated fund has returned 53.6 per cent to investors with volatility of 3.6 per cent.

“It is a truly multi-asset, conservatively managed product with a volatility of less than 2.5 per cent over the last three years,” Yousefian said.  “It is an ideal anchor for a cautious investor who would like exposure to Scottish Mortgage but cannot stomach the volatility.”

For the full article, see: https://www.trustnet.com/news/790796/cautious-balanced-and-aggressive-funds-to-hold-alongside-scottish-mortgage