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Wednesday, 25th July, 2018

In their latest ratings re-balance, Financial Express have assigned a 5-Crown rating to the Church House Deep Value Investment Fund. FE looks at alpha, volatility and consistently strong performance with only the top 10 per cent of funds being awarded five FE Crowns. 

A fascinating investment opportunity, the Deep Value Investment Fund is managed by Jeroen Bos, A passionate proponent of 'value investing', which involves hunting out companies whose profitability challenges disguise more attractive fundamentals, Jeroen is also the author of 'Deep Value Investing' which is now in its second edition. 

Maitane Sardon, Reporter at FE Trustnet, said "As its name suggests, SVS Church House Deep Value Investment is built around a concentrated portfolio of stock showing ‘deep value characteristics’. Although value has struggled as a style, the fund is up 33.68 per cent over the past three years."

The fund is used as a holding within Church House Tailored and Managed Portfolios as well as being accessible through a range of intermediary platforms

Fund manager Jeroen Bos said "The prospect of interest rate rises and overall uncertainty over growth prospects has resulted in a renewed interest in value investing. Many sectors are undergoing transformation due to a range of factors including technology advancements and that is throwing up opportunities. I am delighted that the performance of the fund has been recognised in this way."

Read the full article from FE Trustnet here.