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Friday, 13th April, 2018

The 2018 Lipper Award winning Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, has been recognised by the research business FundCalibre, as being best in class.

FT Adviser published a piece by FundCalibre managing director, Darius McDermott, in which he shared his thoughts on one of their Elite Rated Funds.

“This fund's highly effective use of diversification has allowed it to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns over almost a decade and, as a result, it has had one of the highest Sharpe ratios in the absolute return sector since its launch” said Darius. 

Tenax started life as a fund designed to meet the needs of a specific private client investor and over ten-years later it continues to be managed to that same objective. Avoiding permanent loss of capital is central to the investment strategy and as result the managers are prepared to hold high proportions of cash and other low-risk assets in pursuit of this goal.

With an enviable track record over 10 years, the fund has delivered positive returns in 8 of those complete years and done so with impressive control over volatility. 

Darius also commented “Unlike other many other funds in the sector it doesn't have a performance fee and it doesn't short stocks. Instead, the fund targets an absolute return from diversification and risk management alone”

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