How to manage financial affairs in the modern world

A thought-provoking and stimulating morning (10 am – 2 pm, incl. lunch) designed exclusively to help women engage with their wealth. We have assembled a group of experts in their field who deliver valuable insight. 

Merryn Somerset-Webb (Editor-in-chief of Money Week, Financial Times Columnist and BBC panellist) will talk about money and investing: why it is not complicated and the importance of getting engaged. Incidentally, you may have seen Merryn on BBC1’s Question Time a couple of weeks ago

Erica Shelton (Head of the Family Team) and Jamie Kennaugh (Partner, Family Team), at Charles Russell Speechleys LLP (Solicitors) will be covering “Planning for the future: ensuring that yours and your family’s personal affairs are in order and your financial position is protected”

Finally, Zoe Robinson of the British jewellery designer, Robinson Pelham will advise us on “Managing jewellery as an asset to be enjoyed”. As well as displaying some pieces from their current collection, Zoe will happily advise on re-setting or refreshing those old or unloved items that have languished unused in a jewellery box or safe. Please do bring any such pieces along for the chance to discuss and get ideas!

Spaces are limited so please act swiftly if you want to attend this unique event. 

Call Emma Parkes on 020 7123 4741 for more information.


Merryn Somerset-Webb, Erica Shelton, Jamie Kennaugh and Zoe Robinson

Date and Time:

Wednesday, 1 May 2019 10:00 am


  • Cayzer House
  • 30 Buckingham Gate
  • London
  • SW1E 6NN