Investments Solutions for Yacht Crew

Helping you build a brighter future by maximising your savings

For many a key attraction of a career in the yachting industry is the opportunity to accumulate significant savings. This can make the difference between fulfilling life goals or not. Whether your goal be a house purchase, starting your own business or buying your dream car, whatever the aspiration it makes sense to make sure your savings are being managed wisely. 

At a time of low interest rates and damaging inflation, it is important to consider alternatives to cash savings. At Church House, we offer professional and specialised investment management to support you during and after your yachting career.

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Reasons to invest

Why you should consider investing as an alternative strategy to pure cash savings

With interest rates at record lows and inflation eroding the value of savings held in cash, it is important for savers to consider diversifying into alternative asset classes. By investing in stocks and shares, you are exploring the growth opportunities provided by equities, and diversifying away from the risk of holding one singular asset class, cash. Investing offers you exposure to a mixture of companies both large and small, different countries and currencies, not to mention gilts and bonds, which are used to create stability and generate income.

We discuss your investment objectives with you to produce a portfolio with the right balance of all of these assets to meet your appetite for growth, income and risk. We have a verifiable 20 year track record which illustrates how we have performed during different economic climates.

Low interest rates

In historic terms, interest rate returns are very low and savers experience very poor returns

Impact of inflation

When the rate of inflation is higher than the interest paid on deposits, the value of those savings is reduced

Tax-efficient options

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) offer investors returns free from income and capital gains taxes

See our Guide to ISAs for more information

Low initial investment

This specialist service is accessible to a wide range of investors with initial contributions starting from as little as £250 pm or a £500 lump sum

Online access

Keep up to date with valuations and performance, together with access to electronic documents

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Choice of portfolios

We offer portfolios to suit different investor objectives and personal tolerances to investment risk

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Stockmarket returns vs cash

The potential returns from investing in the stockmarket

If you had invested £10,000 in the stock market 10 years ago, as illustrated by the FTSE All Share Index, it would now be worth £21,354 assuming the reinvestment of dividend income and an adjustment for inflation. If that same £10,000 had been saved into a cash account paying an average of 0.5% interest over the same period and again adjusted for inflation, it would now be worth £8,424.

Source: Church House & Bloomberg

It is important to understand that investment returns are not guaranteed and past performance is not a guide to the future. Capital is at risk and as such you may receive less than your original investment.

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Guide to Understanding Investment Risk

Learn more about the different types of risk

Successful investment management is about effective risk management. This easy to read guide helps existing and prospective investors make better decisions by explaining the different types of risk and how they impact returns.

Our guides are for information purposes and do not constitute a personal recommendation. We recommend you discuss your personal circumstances with us before making any investment decisions.

Download our Guide to Understanding Investment Risk

Managed Portfolio Service

A straightforward investment solution

A straightforward yet sophisticated solution that offers investors a choice of seven carefully constructed investment portfolios. These portfolio models are designed by our investment experts to satisfy a range of needs from very cautious capital preservation to a complete focus on more aggressive growth. With this level of choice, there should be a suitable option for everyone. 

The portfolios are built using our range of six investment funds. This strategy has three important advantages;

  1. We have full control over your investment down to the last penny, so can offer complete management of the risk according to your objectives
  2. We can keep costs down as we are not having to invest in funds run by external managers, so you are not hit with two sets of fees
  3. We can provide total transparency for investors as to where their money is invested
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Specialist Service

We have a dedicated Investment Adviser running this specialist service for those in the yachting industry

Emma is an experienced investment adviser with a background in private banking, who is able to talk to yacht crew in a language that they understand.

Emma will take time to help you grasp the fundamentals of investing, before going on to explore your investment objectives. She will then take prospective investors through a planning process using sophisticated cash flow modelling techniques to help you visualise how different strategies could help you meet your goals. There is no additional cost for this.

As part of our service, we work closely with Mortgage Brokers and Accountants, who specialise in working with those in sea-faring careers, thus providing an end-to-end service covering all your financial needs.

The main investment proposition as described above is suitable for those who have UK tax residency. If you are unsure of your tax position, you can take this quick and simple residency test.. Please note the test is not provided by Church House Investments so we accept no liability for the accuracy of the result or any actions taken as a consequence.

For those who are not UK tax resident, we can still offer investment portfolios on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more details. Regrettably, we are unable to take on clients who are US tax resident due to US tax restrictions.

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