Thursday, 15th February, 2018

Following the success (and sell-out) of the first edition which was published just over three years ago, (No. 1 in the Investment Category on Amazon on publication in January 2014!), publishers Harriman House asked Jeroen to produce a second edition further amplifying his definitive approach to the concept of ‘deep value’ investing.

In this new edition, therefore, Jeroen has expanded his theories illustrated with further case studies to show how his strategy works in practice. With a foreword by Merryn Somerset Webb of the FT, this book will appeal both to professionals and any investor interested in value investing. Copies will be available at the launch; Duncan Soukup, MD of one of the investee companies, Thalassa PLC, will be speaking at the event.

The launch party (by private invitation only) is to be held at the stunning premises of WILLIAM & SON in London’s Mayfair. Founded in 1999 by William Asprey, (a seventh generation member of the Asprey family), William & Son creates and curates collections of “the finest jewellery and timepieces, leather goods and silver and glassware as well as kit and tackle for elegant penmanship and gamesmanship. For more serious sport, William & Son also offers bespoke, handcrafted shotguns and its own line of perfectly cut but suitably sturdy country clothing”. Guests will be able to browse and shop during the evening. .

To find out more:  www.williamandson.com

About Jeroen Bos:

Jeroen is an Investment Director at Church House and has been lead fund manager of the CH Deep Value Investment Fund and its predecessor fund since 2003, having advised legendary investors like Peter Cundell and Jim Slater.  Jeroen has worked in the City for more than 30 years, most recently for Seilern Investment Management Ltd and Panmure Gordon & Co. Ltd where he was a director, from 1989 to 1999. He holds a diploma in Economics from Sussex University and is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

Ever since reading Benjamin Graham’s 1949 seminal work, The Intelligent Investor, Jeroen has been gripped by the concept of pure deep value investing which focuses on balance sheet analysis and the concept of investing with ‘a margin of safety’ to the exclusion of all other market ‘noise’. It is a theory Jeroen has been able to put into practice with his fund, CH Deep Value Investment, with astonishing results for long-term investors.

One of the attractions of deep value investing is the simple premise which underpins it and which anyone can understand. While the concept appeals to many, curiously only a few market professionals - tied to short-term performance metrics and arbitrary benchmarks - practise its simple theory. It therefore  remains largely ignored by the mainstream investment industry.

In this book, Jeroen Bos explains why this approach is folly and how he mines for deep value gems in today’s markets.

Copies can be ordered here or for more details go to: www.ch-investments.co.uk