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Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

It gives me immense pleasure to see the second edition of Deep Value Investing in printed form, particularly given it was only in November 2013 that the original book first appeared. This investment strategy has been around since the end of the 1920’s and as time passed it gently drifted into the mists of time as equity markets embarked on a multi-year bull run, giving little opportunity for this strategy to be deployed. However, in the crash of 1987, when share prices showed dramatic falls, this strategy found a new lease of life. This was also the moment that I came across it and immediately started to apply it with remarkable results.  The beauty of the strategy is its simplicity, drilling down on a few ratio’s which will tell the investor if this is a potential investment where the assets in the balance sheet are worth more than the current price on the stock market.   This should then be the deciding factor to consider further analysis of the stock in question.

Copies can be ordered here.