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Wednesday, 7th August, 2013
Deep Value Investments , one of Church House’s investment funds has had a very busy summer with Jeroen Bos, the fund manager, highlighting his investment approach and the fund’s performance to the national press. The fund has appeared in CityWire’s Wealth Manager magazine, the sector’s leading industry publication, where Jeroen...
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Friday, 19th July, 2013
James Johnsen, Director of Business Development , appears in this week’s edition of Investment Week giving his views on what the key risks and opportunities will be in the second half of 2013. What with China’s economic slowdown, the central banks’ dilemma over the withdrawal of Quantitative Easing and the...
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Thursday, 4th July, 2013
The Secrets of Deep Value Investing Jeroen Bos’s exciting upcoming book, Deep Value Investing, was made available this week for pre-order and is set to be published in November 2013. For a sneak preview of the opening chapter, please click here Jeroen is the fund manager of the Deep Value...
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Tuesday, 25th June, 2013
The Tenax Fund’s May fact sheet has been published, highlighting a busy month for the fund. The Fund Managers, James Mahon and Jeremy Wharton, observed the jump in Sovereign bond yields amidst the growing concern with the Federal Reserve’s positioning on Quantitative Easing. The fund’s exposure to equities, index-linked and...
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Wednesday, 19th June, 2013
The May fact sheet for the Deep Value Investments Fund has been released, with the positive trend from April being carried over into May. Jeroen Bos, the fund manager, noted that the positive statements from the Gleeson Group, Bloomsbury Publishing and the details of PV Crystalox Solar’s cash distribution have...