Supporting winter fuel donations and the construction of a new school building in Afghanistan

Church House was delighted to support a recent initiative from the Dorset Community Foundation to help elderly people across Dorset survive the coming winter. 

The campaign asks people who feel they are not in need of a Government Winter Fuel Payment, to consider using that money to make a donation to help those less well off. We shared details of the campaign in one our regular client communications and the result has been fantastic. The charity has received just under £1000 worth of donations and that will go a long way to helping the more vulnerable members of our community. 

Jon Yates, Chief Executive of the Foundation explained: ‘Local people donating their winter fuel allowance, as long as they do not need it themselves, can save lives.’

You can find out more about the campaign and make a donation here.

In November 2016,  we made a donation to a heart-warming project run by Afghan Connection. The task was to build a brand new school for girls who had no school building or classrooms of their own and studied outside in tattered tents or on the dusty ground. It is now wonderful to report that The Siaab School in Rustaq District, Northern Afghanistan is complete and pupils now sit at desks in classrooms, and having a safe, secure building means that they will have more chance to complete their education. 

Funded in 2002 by Dr Sarah Fane, the charity supports education in rural areas, where girls in particular miss out, by funding initiatives designed to maximise the opportunity to access and complete a quality education. So far it has funded 46 school constructions serving more than 75,000 children.

You can learn more and make a donation here

James Johnsen, Church House Director and Head of our Charity Team, said 'We are grateful to our very generous clients for supporting the excellent initiative from the Dorset Community Foundation. It is also a great source of pride to us that we could play a small part in helping Afghan children have a better education."

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