Holistic Solutions

Working together to deliver positive client outcomes

We have a team of experienced Relationship Managers who regularly work with other professionals such as solicitors and accountants, to create comprehensive solutions that can address simple or complex client needs. Our experience is that clients and prospective clients welcome this approach, and by partnering together each service provider adds more value to the relationship. 

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What our partners say about us

Sharing the experience of working with Church House

Our current partners explain how they have benefited from collaborating with Church House. 

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I have found Church House to be great to work with. Approachable, straightforward, professional and they understand how important it is to do a good job for my clients

Jaime Denega

Associate Solicitor at Wollens

I have worked with Church House Investments for over a decade and their approach, accessibility and professionalism is always at the highest level, be it in relation to personal matters or trusts.  I am more than confident to do business with them with on the trusts that I manage and for the individuals that I advise (hence why I am also a client!).

Cheryl Farnham

Director of Arcadia Trust Group

Working with STEP members

Sponsors of the STEP West of England branch

As long-time STEP supporters, we recognise the value it adds to professional service providers. Our role as sponsors of the South West branch ensures we play an active role in the organisation. This engagement with STEP has helped us form many successful relationships with solicitors and others, allowing us to partner with them to help more families and trustees put successful investment management strategies in place.

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Focus on education

Help investors make more informed decisions

At Church House we believe that part of our role is improving understanding around investments. Although a complex area, it is still possible to understand the key concepts that will help people avoid costly mistakes. 

Our view is there is no such thing as a silly question and so we encourage everyone to query anything they do not fully understand. Furthermore we have some useful guides on key topics to help develop knowledge. 

Our team of Relationship Managers enjoy working with professional partners to help expand knowledge within their teams so they are better placed to recognise areas where their clients would benefit from help. 

Investor education resources

Business supporting business

An important part of our approach is engaging with other local businesses to help support each other. We are pleased to be members of both the Dorset and Somerset Chambers of Commerce. These organisations enable us to get to know many great businesses across the South and South West and hopefully share some good practice.

On a more local level we are also members of the Sherborne Chamber of Trade and Commerce, which ensures we are close the community in which our Dorset office is based.


Delivering compelling content

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with partners on joint initiatives or to share speakers to compliment in-house events. Broadening the content of events is a great way to increase appeal and attract new audiences. 

In additon, we run our own events for Professional Partners, where we share insight and best practice from the world of investing. These support the requirement for continuing professional development.

Our team also enjoy networking and social events where they can foster good relationships and have some all important fun.