Benefits of CHAMPS (Church House Advantage Managed Portfolio Service)

Designed to make professional investment management more accessible.

A competitively priced offering, it includes seven portfolio options, each designed to appeal to a client's tolerances for investment risk and to meet their investment objectives.

* Costs are for information only, and more details are in our service guide below. Total actual costs depend upon individual circumstances, and a personal illustration is provided with any recommendation. For investors aged 18 or over, there is a minimum initial investment of £20,000.

Guide to CHAMPS

No portfolio management fee *

Delivers excellent value for money.

No initial costs *

Lump sum investments are not subject to initial dealing charges

Built exclusively on our range of funds

Full control over investment risk and fund costs

Online portfolio access

Access to information 24/7

Self-invested personal pension

A flexible retirement savings vehicle

Wide range of portfolios

Something to suit all investors

An option for all your clients' needs

There are seven different portfolios available, each with a different investment objective.


For investors seeking to maintain the real value of their capital

Cautious income

In addition to providing an income, the focus is very much on stability


The aim is to offer income with some potential for growth

Income & Growth

This provides a true balance between income generation and capital growth

Equity Growth with Income

For this portfolio the emphasis shifts to growth as the priority

Equity Growth

Objective is very much growth so not suitable for those whose need income

Higher Risk Equity Growth

A more adventurous option for those seeking higher capital growth and who are willing to take more risk

Built on the Church House fund range

Each portfolio is carefully constructed to deliver a balance of risk and reward that appeals to a range of different investor preferences.

This is achieved by skilfully blending our funds in varying proportions, to provide the best chance of producing returns in line with expectations. The process is based on the expertise of our investment team together with 15-years’ experience of operating diversified portfolios.

More about our funds

A powerful alliance

Our Managed Portfolio Service is enabled by Parmenion, an award-winning investment solutions and technology business based in Bristol.

Their role is to provide much of the administration behind the service, as well as powering an online portal where investors can view their portfolios and access reports. The company has been in business since 2007 and is recognised as a leading provider of services to wealth managers and other investment professionals.

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