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Monday, 9th September, 2013
Wealth management industry magazine, Wealth Briefing, came into our London offices to interview James Johnsen and Jeroen Bos. In the interview, James and Jeroen highlight Church House’s core focus on risk management and on the Deep Value Investments Fund.
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Thursday, 15th August, 2013
Here are James Mahon’s thoughts and evaluations of the second quarter, which are also shown on page 3 of our Summer 2013 Quarterly Review The second quarter started quietly and then got exciting. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, put the cat amongst the pigeons suggesting that the American programme (though...
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Friday, 9th August, 2013
The Church House Summer 2013 Quarterly Review has been released. As well as market commentary from James Mahon, Jeremy Wharton and the rest of our Investment Team it also contains breakdowns of each of the core portfolio funds we manage in-house.
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Wednesday, 7th August, 2013
Deep Value Investments , one of Church House’s investment funds has had a very busy summer with Jeroen Bos, the fund manager, highlighting his investment approach and the fund’s performance to the national press. The fund has appeared in CityWire’s Wealth Manager magazine, the sector’s leading industry publication, where Jeroen...
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Friday, 19th July, 2013
James Johnsen, Director of Business Development , appears in this week’s edition of Investment Week giving his views on what the key risks and opportunities will be in the second half of 2013. What with China’s economic slowdown, the central banks’ dilemma over the withdrawal of Quantitative Easing and the...