Not all investment managers are the same

Process, philosophy and priorities can vary

When selecting an investment manager, Trustees and Charity managers will have many questions. Amongst those will likely be what makes one firm different to another. Here we have outlined what we believe sets us apart from the competition. 

A focus on what we do best

Professional Investment Management

Our role is to recommend portfolio solutions that are suitable for your needs, circumstances and tolerance for risk, with the goal of helping you achieve financial wellbeing. 

Helping build secure financial futures

Providing consistent investment outcomes

In terms of performance and volatility

The target for our Investment Team is to deliver the returns our clients expect, without the shocks they fear.

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20+ Year Track Record

Offering evidence of long-term success

Whilst past performance is no guarantee for the future it can act as evidence of capability and the effectiveness of an investment process. 

Private and independently owned company

The ability to set our own agenda

The business is majority owned by a small group of experienced directors whose focus is on supporting positive client outcomes. 

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Fund and Portfolio Managers

Delivering increased control of risk and enhanced transparency

In our view successful investment management is about effective risk management so the more control we can have the more chance we have of meeting client expectations. 

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Funds designed for one purpose

Building blocks for diversified portfolios

Many of our funds have their origins in private client portfolios evidencing our prioritisation of client needs over commercial opportunity. 

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Make professional investment management accessible

Reducing the barriers to entry

We believe as many people as possible should have access to professional investment management. 

Introducing our Managed Portfolio Service

Caring and dedicated people

Who understand the precious nature of wealth

We choose our team carefully, placing great emphasis on finding people who share our values and believe in our purpose. 

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Supporting financial education

Helping investors make informed decisions

It is our firm belief that decisions on managing wealth are best made with an understanding of the fundamentals. 

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A partner professionals can rely on

Practised in collaborating with solicitors, accountants and others

The complexity of wealth means we are often asked to work in tandem with other professionals to provide holistic solutions.